Gyzzdark Fandaria (gyzzdark) wrote,
Gyzzdark Fandaria

Goldark, Gyzzdark, and Dawndark

See the patturn? I hope so.
Well I didn't write this entry to talk about my family's rythming names (That's my friends, is for a different entry)
Crydal and DawnDark played Lunar-Silver Star Story again today. I watched them. Crydal finaly beat the the Water Dragon (A hard enemy)
Then this annoying person named Nash joined their group again and brushed his hair for an hour. It was an intresting part of the game to say the least...
Oh well, Crydal was happy playing it and that's all that matters! ^_^
DawnDark is now bugging me non-stop. She's running around the room screaming- "YATEN YATEN!!!!!!"
It's scaring me....
Goldark want's to go onto the internet now. Bye!

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