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Yes! Crydal-chan forgave me! I'm sooo happy!

Yesterday I got really mad at this person DawnDark and Crydal call 'Baka'. He was starting rumors about my sister and the person I like! So what did I do? Well...actualy I talked it out with him. But I'm guessing he doesn't like to work out his problems in a nic manor, because the next thing I know he and a bunch of kids are threatening to umm....lets just say they wern't nice.
So what did you do? (I'm sure you're thinking) I 'sicked' DawnDark on him. Now don't get me wrong, he and my sister have been mortal enimeis for a long time now... But Goldark and I always had this feeling.. He well (wait I'm thinking of how to say this..) has the 'hots' for my sister. (It means he has a crush on her, just in case ya didn't know)
About 15 minutes later he was at my feet begging for mercy / redemption / forgiviness/ my sister's hand in marraige (Don't ask...)
Of course when she heard the last part she told Goldark and Goldark kicked his ass. So now everyone's happy! ^_^ (Except for Baka)

That's how my day went. Any questions? Didn't think so.
See ya! Buh Bye! Ja ne! Till later!

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